Homebuyers who complete pre-purchase counseling or workshops are less likely to become delinquent.  A recent Freddie Mac study shows that pre-purchase counseling reduced the likelihood of first-time buyers becoming seriously delinquent (delinquent by 90 days or more) by 29%.

Homebuyer Workshops

A calendar of upcoming workshops in San Bernardino County may be found by clicking here.  All of these workshops are being offered by HUD-approved housing counseling agencies.  These workshops are generally free of change or charge a nominal fee. Pre-registration is recommended.

Financial and Credit Coaching Workshops

Financial and credit coaching workshops are also offered by HUD-approved counselors at no cost or for a nominal charge. For a list of  HUD approved agencies please click below.  For a calendar of upcoming workshops in San Bernardino County may be found by clicking here.

Financial and Credit Coaching Providers

Credit Counseling vs. Debt Settlement

Many homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage are also struggling with credit card or other debt. Consumers may be confused about the differences between non-profit credit counseling agencies that help consumers get out of debt and debt settlement companies who provide services for a fee. The HOPE NOW alliance has prepared a fact sheet explaining the difference between credit counselors and debt settlement companies. The fact sheet can be accessed by clicking here.

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